10-10-10 Program

On the 10th of each month we are asking you to join us  in prayer for a hungry child in Africa. Please take 10 minutes of you day to pray. If you want to do more, we ask you to fast one  meal for a hungry child in Africa. If you want to do even more, donate $10 to help feed  hungry children in Africa. Put them all together and that’s our 10-10-10 Program. The monies raised through our 10-10-10 Program  help feed the hungry children in Malawi through our Farming and Feeding  Programs. Here’s how the 10-10-10 Program works. 0n the 10th of every  month, agree to  fast one meal, pray 10 minutes give $10 . You can send your  gift  to Operation Save at 1617 West Roosevelt Blvd., Suite K, Monroe, NC 28110.  You may also set up ACH to have Operation SAVE automatically draft $10  on the 10th of each month.  You partnership support will enable Operation SAVE to put food in the mouths of hungry children, provide mosquito nets, medicines, Bibles and  preach God’s Word to some of the poorest people in Africa. In Mark 9:23-29, Jesus taught His Disciples that prayer and fasting change the impossible to the possible.

Fast – Pray – Give

Become a 10-10-10 Prayer Partner and make your commitment and pledge:

  • On the 10th day of each month, I will fast a meal on behalf of a hungry child.
  • I will commit to 10 minutes of prayer for this child.
  • I will give $10 or as led, per month so this child may eat.


A.A.A.C (Adopt an African Church)


What is AAAC? 

AAAC stands for “Adopt an African Church”. AAAC is a  Program which started in the pilot stage in 2013. Our Pilot began with three Churches in Monroe, N.C.  They were  Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church, Benton Heights Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church. The goal of Operation SAVE within this Program is to help partner American Churches, who have a heart for missions and want to help those less fortunate, with African churches in Malawi, Africa in need of financial, educational, medical and spiritual assistance.  

The Vision Continues … 

In 2013, God enhanced our Vision by adding the “Adopt an African Church: Program (AAAC). Whereby a local American Church can sponsor an African Church and help with providing Shelter, Agriculture, Vocation, Evangelism and Medical assistance.

For a small monthly financial commitment, a local American Church or individual can sponsor an African Church and help with providing Pastoral assistance and training, administration costs, evangelism resources to further the gospel and assistance in furthering the growth of the church physically and spiritually.

Minimum Monthly commitment is $100 and may be paid semi-annual, annually or via monthly ACH.

  • American churches can adopt an  African church
  • Individuals can adopt a African church
  • Program helps the individual welfare of the African pastor and their family
  • Provides skills to African church women so they may be empowered
  • Provides church resources to evangelize; EvangeCube, Proclaimers, Tracks, Bibles, CEF      kits, salvation dolls/bracelets
  • Provides resources to maintain the church and community boreholes
  • Helps to build bigger and better church facilities


Downloadable Forms

AAAC African Church Application

AAAC American Church Application

AAAC African Church Reporting Form

AAAC Program Information

Help  Build Churches, Congregations, Villages and Hope!


Borehole – Water Project


As of 2017, over  2000 wells have been repaired providing clean water for thousands of Malawians.

The people and children in this villages where we drilled  a borehole are so very grateful for clean water.

Feeding Hope – Feeding Program


We provide land or rental of land, corn and supplies to have this acreage farmed, which produces food  to feed students in participating schools.


Some of Our Participating Schools
Mphunzi School: 1100 students
Matsimbe School: 1100 students
Katola School: 1000 Students
Mom’s Daycare: 67 Students


Feeding Program 2014 School Year:

  •   32,175 hot meals per week
  •   1,158,300 hot meals per year


Feeding Program 2015 School Year:

  •  40,705 hot meals per week
  •  1,465, 380 hot meals per year


Feeding Program 2016 School Year:

  •  Feeding Program is in 8 schools
  •  Feeding 6265 students
  •  1,909,700 meals provided.

Pastors Conferences


Pastors Conferences are held all throughout the year in multiple locations across Malawi’s North, South and Central Regions. Since our first Conference held in 2010, hundreds of Pastors have been trained to further The Gospel. Three Conferences are scheduled for 2017 which will train a total of 450 Pastors.

Local Prison Ministry


Lanesboro Correctional is a closed custody facility with 1000 maximum security cells and 400 medium security cells. We have approx. 40 – 70 in attendance. Our service takes place every 3rd Sunday night for a total of 12 services a year. Time of service is 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

Anyone interested in singing, speaking, or praying with the inmates would be very welcome to join us. There are several forms to fill out and a background check will take place. There will be an orientation to attend for each facility. These are all male facilities so it’s best for only male volunteers. . Once you receive your Blue Card you will be eligible to attend any or all services. A Blue Card will be required for each facility. Prison Ministry is not for everyone but if the Lord is calling you for service it could be one of the most rewarding thing you have ever done.

Brown Creek is a medium security facility with 1200 inmates. It is divided into sections, the East Yard and the West Yard. We have 2 services, 1 for each yard. The first starts at 6:30 and the second at 7:30 pm. We have approx. 100 at one service and approx. 50 at the other. Our service takes place every other 1st Sunday night for a total of 6 services a year.